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You can’t always have vacations planned months in advance. It’s difficult to plan about the future and make sure that at a set time you’ve pre-decided upon, you’ll be free entirely. From taking time off work to having nothing to attend to at home, you’ll sure be available to go on the trip that you … Continue reading Things To Do When A Sudden Travel Plan Is On Your Mind


India is a country very much famous for its rich and varied heritage. People from all over the world visit this land in order to get to know more about it. If you have some time in hand, you can learn more about the cultural and religious beliefs that bind the whole country together. A … Continue reading Top Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to India


  Sometimes, monotony can strike your relationship, and you reach an awkward phase where nothing is an issue between you two, but then there’s nothing good in it too. Such uneventful phases more often than not have a disastrous closure. So if you and your have hit a similar patch, don’t take it lightly and … Continue reading 5 Ways Traveling Can Refresh Your Relationship


Want to travel in luxury, but those first class tickets seem to be costing shockingly high? Then how about flying on business class? Great on-board facilities, at prices that are totally worth it.   There is a reason that the two classes are separated from each other, even though in some airlines, they are merged, … Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Fly Business Class Instead Of First


Who wouldn’t like to reside in the world’s developed and powerful nation? Who wouldn’t like to stay at a place full of opportunities? However,, it’s a tough time going on for U.S. economy, and living in the States, is not just a matter of a wish, for it to happen. Surviving and making ends meet … Continue reading Where to Live in USA for Cheap?


Hotel Etiquette– it is not just for the housekeeping and other hotel staff, but the guests as well. Booking into high end hotel, and behaving like hooligans is obviously not  appreciable at all. When you pay for a service, you don’t get the license of owning the person delivering it. Emptying away hotel bathroom’s toiletries … Continue reading Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel


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