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Every person who travels finds it interesting to know about the travel experiences of like-minded people. With things like Internet and books widely available, a globetrotter can easily enrich himself with travel chronicles of people from different walks of life. Most travelers make it a point to maintain a travel journal or blog. Some do … Continue reading Five Books Every Travel Buff Must Read


Traveling is the one of the most popular activities that people indulge in these days. Be it for recreation or for professional purposes, traveling is something that almost everyone indulges in once in a while. If you’re the gadabout kinds of a person, this small piece is definitely going to do you a lot good. … Continue reading Why-to and How-to Buy Travel Insurance


Every backpacker, atleast once in a lifetime dreams of eloping to some tantalizing destination, a destination which offers him more than just delightful food and enthralling sites. For the hitch-hiking genre of travelers, India has myriad ‘ready-to-explore’ destinations. One such picturesque place to be is the town of Mcleodganj. Situated at an altitude of 2000 … Continue reading Why You Must Visit Mcleodganj this Summer


Weekend is that time of the week when a working professional can actually take break from his gruesome office chronicles and add a few specks joy in his life. In today’s fast-paced life, taking short weekend trips is considered to be a way of maintaining one’s sanity and vigor of life. Going out to a … Continue reading Wonderful Weekend Getaway Ideas for North India


Solo traveling is one of the greatest emerging travel trends among people. If you wish to take a break from the usual hustle bustle of your daily life and want to experience something new and rejuvenating then a solo trip is all you need. Travelers around the world assert that solo travel is the best … Continue reading Reasons For Traveling Solo


India is one of the oldest civilizations with a composite and versatile culture that Westerners may find baffling. Still, knowing the practices and customs of a foreign country is part of the excitement of traveling. It also aids in understanding the people and getting acquainted with the diverse culture of that country. This in turn … Continue reading USA To India Travel Diaries: Traditions To Know


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