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On the east coast of India, lays a traditionally secured land of Odisha that was originally known as Orissa. This state is a complete paradise to those who want to feel culture, nature and modernization, all under one single roof. Odisha is the place famous for its Odissi dance and the pristine beaches. These beaches … Continue reading Surf the Shores of the Odishan Beaches


If you are a bookworm, then you must have fantasized about walking in the shoes of your favorite authors and witnessing how their stories actually began. Let’s take you on a tour to 5 cities that celebrate literary inheritance in their own ways. Paris: The film ‘Midnight’ by Woody Allen helped in recreating the literary … Continue reading 5 Getaway Places For A Book Lover


When it comes to traveling, what’s the first thing that pop-ups in your mind? Is it place selection option? No? Then is it the expense bothering you? A real traveler is that person who just gets out of his routine and sets himself up for exploring his wander-lust. He won’t ever worry about the expenditure. … Continue reading You Don’t Need to be Rich to Travel: Ways to Travel Free


The Incredible India is blessed with nature’s greenery and rivers. Tourists from all across the world, visit India for its serene environment, including attractive beaches, hill stations and magnificent waterfalls. There are so many waterfalls located in India, which are famous for their height and beauty. Waterfalls in India are mostly seen during the monsoon … Continue reading 6 Best Waterfalls in India to Calm Your Soul


YOLO (You Only Live Once) is the cool mantra of adventure lover these days. People who push themselves beyond their limits, try something new every day and challenge their own fears have created a separate class of adventure freaks. For people like these, Bunjee jumping provides the required adrenaline rush. This rush is succeeded by … Continue reading Exquisite Bungee Jumping Destinations


“Love can move mountains”, beautifully sung by Celine Dion can be understood as a medium which illustrates every love story that has ever existed on earth. More than a song, it’s a testament that states the greatness of love. Love and travel have a lot of things in common. Both make people go places, move … Continue reading Perfect Valentine Weekend At Taj Mahal


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