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Chennai is one of the most romantic cities in India. There are a number of fascinating places like mesmerizing beaches, enchanting sunsets, shimmering lakes and waterfalls. Glorious hills will always ensure that you have an amazing honeymoon with your loved one. If you are planning your honeymoon, go and gear up to pack your bags … Continue reading Romantic Places For A wild-eyed trip in Chennai


  Let’s Go on a Road Trip!!   Sun, wide open road and awesome car – who doesn’t love a road trip or an idea of one? Road trip are far more attractive than it sounds like. In today’s hectic routine life, we hardly get time to even say “hi” to our family or friends, … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Road Trip


Camping doesn’t always have to be roughing it out in difficult terrains, with no shelter or other facilities. The luxury way of camping, is not just adventurous but comes with a hint of glamour too. It is so that we call this mode as Glamping.   While many tourist destinations in the world have minted … Continue reading Go Glamping in Canada


Back in the times, when the world was not so connected, when people in one continent knew nothing about the existence of any other piece of land than their own. A time before the discovery of wheel when it was thought that the earth is nothing but a flat piece of land not bigger than … Continue reading 6 Most Dangerous Roads around the World


lustrious land of Capri is known for its vigor. Situated on the lush uplands, above the sea level, this magnificent town serves as an eye candy to its visitors. Draped with exquisite hotels and foliage all around, the town is worth visiting for the ones who wants to placate their soul. Town is ballooned with … Continue reading The Dolce-Vita of Capri


TheEcstasy of Leh-Ladakh (THE ECSTASY OF LEH-LADAKH: AN OFFBEAT VACATION) defines itself and presents a unique facet of humanism on its holy lands. Often known as ‘Mini-Tibet’, the land of Ladakh offers homage to the Buddhist culture and splendid monasteries at high altitudes where anyone can visit. The architecture and historic value of these monasteries … Continue reading Witnessing Living Heritage of Buddhism in Ladakh


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