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In our Indian culture, the key to our rejuvenating mornings is our Chai. The Indian states produce the world’s highest tea plantations and meeting our requirements every dawn and dusk. Chai Cuppa is the first thing which every Indian wants to have before going to work. But, exceptions are when we travel places outside India. … Continue reading Taste Tea- Places to Go for Tea Lovers


Indian Ocean is practically one of the largest water bodies on the planet Earth. Along with its vast stretch of area, this body holds many small islands as well as exquisite places which grants us heavenly feeling throughout our journey. This water body has an abundance of beach locations, crystal clear waters and cruise getaways. … Continue reading Top Destinations that Indian Ocean Holds


Global warming, erratic temperatures, rising sea levels and water acidification are some of the many factors which have put the natural scenic tourist places in danger. With these bizarre climatic circumstances, the risk of many places being lost has become very high. With the onset of summers, vagabonds start listing places where they want to … Continue reading 6 Places to Visit Before They Bid Adieu


The Indian city Varanasi is one of the ancient cities of the world. It is located on the western bank of the river Ganga and expands beyond the bank of the river into a maze of alleys. Also known as Kashi, Benares and Banaras, the city portrays a perfect blend of culture and religion. Let’s … Continue reading The Divine City of Varanasi


Indian summers, boon for those backpackers who are keen to explore the rich diversity of the nation. While many people try to adjust into their homes, just to avoid the scorching heat, there are many others who opt to jet-set for various cool destinations. India welcomes the travelers with abundant choices of places to visit … Continue reading 5 Indian Places To Spice Up Your Summers


Forts are remarkable symbols of Indian history. Filled with the tales of warriors and kings, forts form an inseparable part of rich cultural heritage and are a delight to travelers and tourists from across the world. Let’s throw light at 5 forts which are famous depictions of Indian history: Red Fort, New Delhi: Red Fort … Continue reading Top 5 Forts Of India


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