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  Traveling in India is priceless because you rediscover yourself while exploring the magical beauty, fascinating aura and heavenly vistas of cascading waterfalls, sun-kissed beaches or historic destinations. India is one of the cheapest travel destinations and when you start traveling, you will be amazed by the fact that after exploring the entire country bit by bit, you end up saving a lot of money. Nothing beats the fact that India is a blend of tradition and modernity, rural and urban, colors and spaces and while traveling this incredibly fascinating country you will come to know that its worth spending every single day there. flight tickets to India from USA   When it comes to travel- India is one of the most budget friendly destinations with low rate and high quality food, accommodation and travel- you can ever imagine. Here are several tips to keep in mind before planning to travel to India. Expenditure Dairy: Have you ever maintained a fund check while traveling? If not then start doing it when traveling to India. Everything here is cheap- travel, food, accommodation and even shopping. Now the bell rings for shopaholics, yes shopping for clothes, shoes, or fashion accessories everything is extremely reasonable and if you know how to haggle then its a paradise for you. But you need to make a note everyday regarding your set expenses for the day , so you don't exceed the limit and save more.   Travel: Start with browsing the cheap international airline tickets to India. When traveling in India and for instance you wish to travel from Mumbai to Kerala- Ditch the flight and opt for train so that it will cost you cheap and you wont miss out the scenic beauty- trust me it’s a gift to your eyes. Lonely girl with suitcase at country road dreaming about travel.   Don't Miss: Why Now is the Best Time to Book Flights To India?   Intra-city tour: Don’t hire a Cab or Taxi- There are many cheap and convenient passenger friendly transportation in India, you can opt one of them, like rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, or even a metro, it is the best choice. Explore every nook and corner of the city which you have never read in a travel magazine.   Place to stay: Don’t burn your money on expensive hotels and resorts. Strict No-No. Go for budgeted hotels or backpacker hotels; it doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing your comfort for the sake of money. If you wish to stay in a quality hotel at budgeted price then book the hotel online and get a fare deal. Don’t forget to verify authentication before proceeding. Mouth-Watering Food Delicacies: Indian cuisine is full of flavors and varieties. Open up yourself and try out some mouth-watering dishes and cuisines. You must try some of the famous dishes while traveling in India chole-bhature, palak paneer, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, biryani and variety of pakoras and samosas. To tingle your taste buds don't forget to try sweet dishes like carrot halwa, kheer and Gulab Jamun. If you are ready to take risk, then the cheapest option for food in India. Give your taste buds a treat and explore different cuisines in India. traditional food in India   Don't Miss: Travel is Incomplete Without Food   Sign-up for Volunteering: India is filled with different culture and traditions. To explore all of it you must go try the trusted volunteering programs where you can earn money and learn every aspect of India. You can opt for this, as a health care consultant, awareness activist or educationist almost anything you are good at. Travel and earn that’s an ultimate desire every traveler has. Isn’t it ? Take a tour with Like-minded people: Traveling alone can become boring and tiring sometimes. So why not team up with like-minded people and share your travelogue. Create some precious memories that can be cherished for years to come.   cheap flight tickets to India from USA   In a nut shell- Traveling in India is seriously cheap from every aspect be it transport, lodging, food etc., nothing costs more then a few dollars. Don’t wait more just book a British airways flight to India from USA and explore the Incredible India. Who knows it might become an unforgettable experience for you. See you soon.

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