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Earthen pots, women clad in skimpy clothes made out of animal skins, houses made of huge rocks and having a dinosaur for a pet; I’m sure reminds you of ‘The Flintstones’. The cartoon series is what exactly matches our idea of the ancient age. The real olden times were however a lot similar to the series too. The ‘Yabadabado’ people, animal skins, spears and stones were all once a part of our ‘now-modern’ world for sure. The evidences of their existence have been found scattered all over the world every now and then. People from different spheres of the world have always shown interests in the archaeological remains of the world. To some, it seems attention-grabbing while to others it is a form of pure research. Whatever might the case be, scientists and travelers have always made efforts to peep into the ancient era.

Coming to India; it is one of those countries which have always been associated with a rich momentous history. A lot of studies have revealed that the evidences of life were found in India over 500,000 years along. The presence of life in the human form was however determined 425,000 years later.

The Vedic and Pre-historic age together makes the ancient era of India. Indus Valley Civilization, one of the first and major settlements of Asia had flourished in India. The foundation of Harappan and Iron Age can also be traced back to the Indian history. From the Mauryas to the Mughals, everything about India’s glorious history makes it an archaeological sparkler.

The modern-world couldn't restore all the archaeological remains of our past, but there are few which are still intact. Most of them are now taken care of by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Tourists, travelers and scientists from different corners of the world visit our country to know more about its historical treasures.

Let’s take you back into the time with some to the finest and most visited archaeological sites of India.

  • lothalLothal, Gujarat: Lothal is one-of-its-kind ancient cities. It is one of the oldest planned settlements of India. The remains of this city stand strong in Gujarat today. The foundation of this magnificent ancient country can be traced back to 2400B.C. This is one of the first cities where the toilet-bathroom set-up was seen. The site is currently being maintained by ASI and is one of the finest destinations to hit for if you’re looking for an historical escapade.
  • barabar-cavesBarabar Caves, Bihar: Be it Nalanda University or Lord Buddha’s enlightenment, Bihar is a state which has always been in the limelight for its strong connection to the history. The Barabar Caves are also the facts of Bihar being one of the major historical hotspots. These caves were mainly built by Asoka and all of them date back to the 250 B.C. The caves exhibit the beautiful and precise South Asian rock-cut sculptures. The Sudama Cave, Lomas Rishi Cave, Vishva Zopri and Karan Chaupar cave are the prominent archaeological sites on the Barabar Hill.
  • kulpahar-cityKulpahar City, Uttar Pradesh: This ancient city falls in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. Now-a-days, travelers from all over the world visit this city to explore different sites of this place which belong to the 10th century. Chandela temples are of high ancient significance. Apart from these, the Raja ka Tal, Belasagar Lake and Senapati Mahal also attract a large number of tourists.
  • mahabalipuramMahaballipuram, Tamil Nadu: Mahaballipuram is another archaeological site which is popular for its exquisite historical bounties. The town was popular for its significance in the realm of trade. Being one of the major ports of India, in the ancient era this town was visited by traders from different places of the world. It is now, popular with the tourists for its mind-blowing temples, cave sanctuaries and sculptures dedicated to Lord Shiva. The city flourished during the rule of Pallavs. The Shore temple is the most popular landmark here.
  • parihsporaParihaspora, Jammu & Kashmir: Situated 24 kilometers from the main city of Srinagar on the Srinagar-Baramulla road, the Parihspora site is of great relevance to the Buddhists. Its stones caves, structures and artifacts attract a great amount of people to visit it annually.

Exploring the heritage of India is one of the best things to do while traveling. Don’t just travel for the sake of it. Get out of your comfort zone and get connected to the glorious history of India. Whether you start from Lothal or Mahaballipuram, the trip will definitely leave you with umpteen pleasant experiences.


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