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Christmas is a holiday that is loved by everyone all around the world. People go out to buy gifts for loved ones and decorate their house or office place with different and decorative lights and other pretty ornate. Children wait for the big man dressed in red dress with white beard, to shower them with various gifts. Christmas trees are decorated and children leave cookies and milk for their favourite Santa Claus. People sing Christmas carols and spend time with their near and dear ones. Some are generous enough to help needy people celebrate Christmas. Different countries have different ways of celebrating this festival.
Serbia: serbia People in Serbia celebrate Christmas in a very unique yet disturbing way. They do not follow the tradition of exchanging gifts. Children of every household tie up their parents two Sundays before Christmas. On one Sunday, Mom is tied up and is asked to pay ransom to be freed. The ransoms are the gifts. On second Sunday, the same thing happens with the father.
Italy: 7171473_f520   In Italy, presents are presented to the children on 6th January instead of 25th December by a good witch known as La Befana who is famous for delivering gifts by riding on a broomstick instead of a sleigh. Children receive the gifts that they desire, if they’ve been good but lumps of coal could also be expected, if they’ve been bad. Want to experience this unique Christmas? Book your tickets to Italy and enjoy.
Australia: ausi In Australia, Christmas falls in the summer season. According to the tradition, Father Christmas is said to swap his reindeer for six white kangaroos. It is also considered good to enjoy a barbecue on the beach on Christmas day.
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Greece: basil around cross In Greece, people wrap a basil around the cross and use it to sprinkle holy water all around their houses to ward off the goblins who are said to create mischiefs and they are known as Killantzaroi. There is another tradition where people burn their old shoes for prosperity and good luck in the coming year.
Brazil: shoes Brazilians very much believe in the legend that animals achieve the power of speech on the night of Christmas. Interestingly, Papa Noel leave Christmas presents for children in their shoes instead of stockings.
Czech Republic: Golden-Pig-Christmas-Tradition-Czech- People of Czech are taught not to eat anything on Christmas eve before dinner. By doing that they can try to see the appearance of mystical golden pig at the time of dinner. Another tradition witnessing a girl dropping a cherry twig in the water on 4th of December. If it blossoms before the Christmas eve, the girl will eventually marry the coming year.
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India: mango-xmas-tree   For all the Christians living in the Indian Sub continent, fir trees are not easily available to them. So they use mango or banana trees for decoration, instead. Mango leaves are also used for brightening up the homes.
Iceland: yule lads Surprisingly, there are total 13 santas during Christmas in Iceland. These yule lads are said to come down from the mountain one after another during Christmas days and they leave presents for children according to their behaviour. They even leave rotten tomatoes, if a child’s behaviour was not good during the year. They have very unique and strange names like Meat hook or Door Sniffer.

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