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A person plan a vacation in order to relax and enjoy some quality time with the near and dear ones and there are so many perfect places in the world that makes a great vacation spot. While most of them are safe, there are some places that can become way too dangerous, if proper instructions are not followed.Most places put up warnings and sign boards to warn the tourists but those perky adventurous tourists often ignore the signs and cross the line to get some great view or just for the sake of clicking wonderful selfies, but sometimes people get hurt and even die while trying to be adventurous. Scroll down the list of 8 such tourist attractions that would be too dangerous, if the instructions are not followed properly.
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland Ireland-Cliffs-of-Moher Signs near Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, politely asks the visitors to not go beyond the point but people usually avoid the instructions and walk past the sign to the edge for best views. Just keep in mind, even if you are far away from the edge, nature is totally unpredictable, and past experiences state that people have been swept off the edge by winds and the cliffs too aren’t that much stable.
Huayna Pocchu, Peru Huayna_Picchu_towers-over-Lost-City-of-Machu-Picchu-Peru.jpg-David-Stanleywikimedia-commons Hike to the famous Machu Piccu is dangerous and tiring but hiking to Huayna Picchu is much more exhausting as well as dangerous. This gorgeously high mountain behind the site of Machu Picchu is steep and is often slick after a rainfall. To stop you from plunging off the slender pathway and into the barren, there is nothing but a handrill (or maybe not!) is available. So, watch your steps there.
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: traf_yal_1_buzzing_the_christ_the_redeemer_statue_by_hyppthe-d6xeykr Rio, unlike many other Brazil cities have less crime rates that make it less dangerous than the others. As it is a famous tourist spot, its worth focusing on. Rio is much more safer today, than it was a decade ago, but the street crimes still lurks in the shadows at night. Some precautions have to be taken to spend a nice time in Rio.
Acapulco, Mexico: Acapulco-e1373922743329 The city of Acapulco was considered as the safe as well as a luxurious resort area and all that,not much long time ago. While Tourism is much popular there, even today, statistics have revealed that the city has one of the world’s highest murder rates. So, it is advised to the tourists to remain on the resort’s property as most of the cruel crimes occur in the surrounding areas.
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Maho Beach, Saint Martin: Maho-Beach Maho Beach in Saint Martin is a surreal and beautiful place to visit but if by any chance, you get too close to a runway, you are going to get in some serious trouble. At the Beach, beachgoers are warned about standing very close to the approaching aircrafts that can cause serious injury and even death as the jet blast can literally blow off the tourists, just like that.
Caracus, Venezuela FC3E711B-3257-405D-B913-7BD547AA286D_cx0_cy10_cw0_mw1024_s_n_r1 In the capital city of Venezuela, drug gangs are ganging up, mugging and theft are becoming more and more common. This has lead Venezuela an undesirable tourist destination. So many others cities of Venezuela faces the same problem.
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Trolltunga, Norway 4wUUClS Trolltunga in Norway is a rocky outcropping that has gained a world wide popularity, a big thanks to the stunning pictures people post online. This beautiful spot regularly sees a line of 20 minutes of people waiting to click a picture at the tongue’s tip. So much crowd at a small space with no barriers at all and above all that a sheer vertical drop is a mind blowing recipe of disaster and recently, a tourist slipped and fell off the edge (sad).
Volcano Boarding, Nicaragua volcano-boarding-2 How exciting it would be to visit the top of an active volcano and then sliding down the volcanic stones all the way to the bottom? You can do this at Nicaragua by paying $30 fees and slide down the rough terrain on a wooden sled while wearing a protective suit and goggles. No fear and brakes allowed.

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