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Planning a trip to Italy? You must have a list of all the wondrous places that you can visit in Italy. Worry not! Below is the list of top 8 places that can be visited in Italy. Rome Rome-City Capital of Italy, Rome defines beauty in an exquisite form. Paintings, architectural buildings, Old ruins and churches open memory gates to the past. This beautiful and largest city of Italy is a home to about 2,500 years old art and architecture. Ancient icons like Colosseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum are few of the main attractions of Rome. A perfect blend of ancient and modern world is what Rome is all about. Venice Venice Beauty of Venice lies in its architecture; as the buildings of this city are built on Lagoon. The city of Venice connects with 118 islands only through spectacular Canals and Bridges. Because of this unique design, Venice is one of the cleanest and pollution free city and is also considered as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Amalfi Coast Amalfi Coast Amalfi Coast located in south-western region of Campania in Italy. This coast is famous for its extraordinary beauty with shining bays, cliffs, Multicoloured and Pastel houses, enchanting lemon tree gardens that makes it a top tourist spot in the whole world. It stretches for about 30 miles along the Sorrento Peninsula and comprises of lovely plazas and picturesque views. Pompeii Pompeii Pompeii is one of the most explored tourist destinations. What makes it stand apart from rest of the Italy is its fateful history. This thriving and well populated town faced its bad fate because of a volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvuis; burying the town in ashes and frozen everything. Till today the ruins and remains can be clearly seen depicting the ancient Rome. This town is been preserved since then making it a top tourist destination. Tuscany Tuscany Tuscany is considered to be the most famous region of Italy. It is a perfect depiction of renaissance art and architecture.One can enjoy lustrous green trees, grass, wine yards and also sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. San Gimignano, a village in Tuscany is famous for its 14 towers of stone. Manarola This image is a different composition than the earlier production of a similar image titled "Golden Hour at Manarola". The frame is almost the same but the photo was taken later in the day and post processed to create a somewhat somber mood to characterize the retreat from the sea. Posterization was added to create a painterly look consistent with other Cinque Terre images intended to compose a related collection of fine art prints. Processed by Sam Dobrow 11-26-2011 Manarola, a small town in Cinque Terre, Italy. It is considered to be the oldest town of Italy. It consists of five villages and the main chaisma apart from beautiful sight seeing is; some parts of this town lacks a modern touch which works like a charm making it the most visited town. It is usually connected with other parts through small paths, trains and boats. It depicts a perfect view of the Mediterranean Sea. Pisa Pisa Pisa, a stunning city in Tuscany, Italy is famous for its Leaning tower. Apart from the gorgeous Leaning tower, there is more than that in Pisa like beautiful baptisteries, ancient Paintings. It is without a doubt, an iconic place of Italy. Lake Como lake-como-world A wonderful part of the Italian Lake District is Lake Como. This lake has a shape much like an inverted ‘Y’. This lake is famous for the Roman times elegant villas. This lake is a complete mixture of fresh air, water, flora and fauna.

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