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  ‘If traveling was free, you'd never see me again.’ This quote has been long trending on social media and why not. These words iterate almost every traveler’s plight. There’s no limit to places one desires to visit, but like everything else traveling too needs a Master Card (money).   Still, if you are a travel buff this limitation cannot stop you. Besides, going out for a vacation or exploring a new place doesn’t always have to include spending a huge amount of cash. You just have to put in some effort planning before you hit the road, and later using your presence of mind at it. Read on to get some useful tips on saving money on your vacations. 1. Travel during the off season Each place has its own peak seasons when tourism is on bloom. With tourists rushing in, flights and hotels cash in the situation by raising their prices. So planning your vacation carefully and visiting the desired place before or after this particular time, could prove to be a smart move on your part. 2. Be Flexible with Flight Dates A minor change in your trip arrangements can save a few precious bucks, particularly when booking flight tickets. If cheaper tickets are available one or two days ahead of your planned date, don’t hesitate to shift the plan ahead. Also, flying midweek  rather than on a weekend; looking out for connecting flight options instead of direct flights could also turn out to be beneficial. 3. Arrange for accommodations prior to your visit Make hotel or guest house bookings well in advance. Search for small family-run hotels and guesthouses, and avoid expensive brand hotel chains. Many popular tourist destinations have affordable tourist hostel accommodation. You could gather information regarding the same from their tourism department. 4.  Befriend locals This is the ultimate way of learning to save on your vacation. If you make friends with the local people, you will understand how to spend like them rather than a tourist who is subjected to throw away money at all new places. Inquire about fair-price shops, street markets, eating joints. 5. Use Public Commute Do not hire personal cabs or hotel provided cabs. Inquire for public transportation options and try them out. Walking too could prove not just a money saving alternative but a good way to explore the place more deeply. 6. Check for deals and packages at restaurants and eating joints Check out online if any deals or packages are available. Also, look out if there are any happy hours on offer, in which period prices of the food or drinks on offer are slashed to attract maximum crowd. To save a penny you won’t mind altering you eating time a bit, right. 7. Do not Indulge in Unnecessary Shopping Last but not the least, make your vacation a time to relax and explore. It should be about new discoveries; meeting new people and understanding new cultures. Do not make it an excuse for indulging in shopping. Picking up a few souvenirs is fine, but that’s all.

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