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While entering San Francisco, be ready to say goodbye to all that Hollywood glamor, beach divas and endless sunshine you will find in the California’s counterparts! All its grittiness, fogginess and silliness is bound to make you fall in love with this beautiful part of United States of America. This city is a hub for punks, hippies, creatives and hipsters alike. What is not to love in this city? Nothing! Get your cheap flights to San Francisco from India and if you are traversing this amazing city for the first time, we have penned few things you must do while in SFO.

Go For Sunset Cruise Along The Harbor Of SFO

Sunset Cruise Along The Harbor Of SFO

There is nothing quite and serene like cruising under the world’s most acclaimed bridge as the sun streams and out and puts that ‘golden touch’ in the Golden Gate. Experiencing this city from waters is something worth doing and you just need to go at it! Be sure you are rugged up as even in summers, SFO can get very cold, especially when you are out on waters.

Click Pictures Of Golden Gate From The Other Side

Click Pictures Of Golden Gate From The Other Side

While arriving in San Francisco, everyone is flooding the far side of the undoubted world’s most renowned bridge, Golden Gate to get their signature bridge shot. If you are willing to avoid those tour buses, hordes of tourists, just hop on the public bus and reach the end of the Marine Drive. After de-boarding the bus, stroll along the passage towards the water. There are few picnic benches out there with amazing vistas of Golden Gate, of course minus the tourists.

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Have Your Brunch At SF Institution, Mamma’s

Brunch At SF Institution, Mamma’s

You simply can’t leave this ultimate place without satisfying your belly with lip-smacking brunch at SF Institution, Mamma’s. No doubt, there is a long wait to get to this popular and one of the oldest brunch spots but it is certainly worth the wait. Once you gobble in egg benedicts accompanied by the Valencia style squeezed orange juice, you will realize why we mentioned it here.

Get Lost In The Chinatown

Get Lost In The Chinatown

The biggest Chinatown outside of Asia, it is a no-brainer why this place is amongst the most traversed places in San Francisco. Sway yourselves in the maze of history, culture, amazing street art, delicious food and it is an absolutely must do!

Take A Boat Ride To Alcatraz

Take A Boat Ride To Alcatraz

This makes for the key highlight of the city for many! Your trip to San Fran isn’t really concluded without hopping onto a boat ride to Alcatraz Island. Its not-so-famous high-security prison is the thing to have a glance at. Be prepared to book this tour in advance, else ‘sold out’.

Go For A Baseball Match

Go For A Baseball Match

No feeling can match standing in the crowd, holding a beer and hotdog and pretend as if you know what is going on in an American baseball match, ha ha! Head straight to San Fran’s signature AT&T Stadium to experience the true ‘Mexican Experience.’

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Drive Down That Windy Road Of The Lombard Street

Drive Down That Windy Road Of The Lombard Street

If driving on the windiest street imaginable is on your bucket list, it's time to tick it off while you are in San Francisco. With many hairpins turns to compete and test your skills, Lombard Street is your place if being adventurous is what you like! However, if you are feeling a little nervous and low but still want to experience this Lombard Street, catch a taxi and ask the driver to take you for that ‘special spin.’

Book your cheap air tickets from India to San Francisco and now once you have ticked these 7 amazing and not-to-miss things to do in SFO, it is time to sway your nervousness and simply lose in this amazingly unique city.


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