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Sometimes people do crazy stuff to catch a plane. Now, these types of tantrums can be hilarious or dangerous. If you have a flight to catch, why not reach the airport at proper time than to use some crazy things to delay a flight. There was a recent incident, where a person called in a bomb threat just only to delay a flight for a friend who was stuck in traffic. What happen to these kind of people? Either they pay a huge fine or they get a free trip to the prison. Ignoring airport rules and doing some stupid things to catch a plane should be avoided and to be more precise let’s have a look at these 7 things you should never do to catch a plane.
‘Emergency Exit’ Short Cut tumblr_inline_nvsdxor6Az1tdy008_1280 Emergency exit as the name implies are meant to be used for any on board emergencies, not for the ones, when the plane takes off without you. There was an incident where a 58 year old man who opened an emergency exit at the concourse, ran onto the ramp and chasing down the tug driver who was helping push back the airplane, and insisted he be allowed to board the plane. The man was arrested eventually. So, just never take airport rules for granted.
Trigger The Fire Alarm tumblr_inline_nvse4jbUAF1tdy008_1280 Triggering the fire alarm is not a very good option in order to stop a plane from taking off. It is as bad as calling the bomb squad. Why risk everyone’s life and cause more delay of the flight? Just reach in time, if you are not able to do that, just remember there are more flights that will take you to your desired destination.
Dress up as a Pilot tumblr_inline_nvsdgzd3NF1tdy008_540 Okay now, this one is not a great option. Dressing up as a pilot might have worked out for Leonardo DiCaprio in the film but it ain’t going to work out for you. In 2012, an Italian man was arrested who dressed up as a pilot to catch flights across Europe. Never do the kind of things that will get you into trouble after some time.
Throwing Tantrums tumblr_inline_nvsdw4haBu1tdy008_540 This is not a good idea to adopt, if you are on a verge of missing your flight. By throwing tantrums, the most you are going to get is the cops called on you. If you miss your flight, getting into a fight with the airport staff is not the right way. Bad mouthing with them will only get you in trouble. Just keep in mind, you will get more flights to reach your destination.
Drinking problem tumblr_inline_nvsdktYFVw1tdy008_1280 Avoid getting all drunk when you have to board a flight. They are never going to allow you on the plane, if you are over drunk. Instead of missing your flight or rolling on the floor and pleading to board your flight, just try to avoid getting all high before boarding.
Getting naked: tumblr_inline_nvsdevLAip1tdy008_540 As hilarious as it sounds, getting naked is not an option at all. In 2012, a passenger in Portland was held up at the security and to show his frustration, he striped off at the airport itself. Eventually, he missed his flight and his meeting that he had to attend. Getting naked at the airport should never be on anyone’s list because this is just bizarre.
Rules to carry a gun tumblr_inline_nvsdrpGOs11tdy008_540 Take the rules to carry a gun, very seriously. You will not be allowed to go past the security clearance, if you are found possessing a full loaded gun. In 2013, a passenger asked a police officer to hold his fully loaded 40 caliber pistol at the security check, the police did not just hold his gun, they got held the passenger himself. Just keep in mind, they kinda take this type of stuff very seriously.

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