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Celebrated as a national holiday in the US and Canada, Labor day is marked as a day to pay tribute to the working men and women. A season of festivities in honor of working people, the majority of people regard Labor Day as a day off and the end of summer days! Time for people to head to the beaches and start barbecuing with loved ones! OR time to spend few hard earned bucks at the mall! For a happy labor day indeed, we present you with 7 top-notch places in USA to treat yourselves with a lively Labor Day WEEKEND!

1.Washington D.C

Washington D.C

The BEST things in life are always FREE! So as this gratis place to visit for a Labor Day Weekend! Touring the capital city is always fun, but it gets even better for the celebrations of Labor Day! The National Symphony Orchestra performs for FREE! Yes FREE! Plus with plenty of other things to do, Washington makes for a fun getaway for local families, couples and tourists alike!

2.Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls, Montana Fond of the great outdoors and water-sports? Looking for a Labor Day destination that is stunningly beautiful? Look no further and fit into the Great Falls, Montana! Close to the waterfalls on the Missouri river, this place caters a chunk of outdoor activities in addition to fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking and mountain biking!

3. Sausalito, California

Sausalito California

Renowned for it’s Sausalito Art Festival, this event is one of the best and oldest events in the US! It is one of the grooviest ways to spend Labor Day weekend in the GOLDEN state! Exhibited on the waterfront in Marinship Park, this festival showcases every type of art and musical acts performed on distinctive stages!

4. Chicago


Making a budget friendly Labor Day escape, this windy city of Chicago is a prime place to spend a labor-free day! The fireworks are the summer main in Chicago! More travelers being price conscious seek for Labor Day Sales & Deals 2016 and go to destinations that pitch greater values! The jazz festival in Chicago and North Coast Music Festival are a few of the noteworthy attractions that take over the holiday weekend!

5. Bandera, Texas

Bandera, Texas

Renowned as the cowboy capital of the world, this place is another sterling option to spend the Labor Day weekend! Engage in an inter tribal POWWOW! Try your luck at Bull Fighting! OR simply shoot-out in a gun fight! OFCOURSE not with real guns ha ha!

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6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

You cannot simply imagine the city of Las Vegas ignoring the Labor Day Weekend! Neither is letting it go without a grand dose of PIZZAAA! Seeking for some grown-up fun? You CAN’T do BETTER than THE Sin City’s Pool Party! Billed as 4 days of Summer madness, this place is non-stop partying 24*7!

7. Orlando


A weekend at the Disney World? Who wouldn’t love that! Looping the roller coasters! The butter-beer in the famous world of Harry Potter! The island of Adventure! This place has more than just the theme parks. Unique museums, delicious restaurants, serene parks and myriad of activities on the lakes! Collectively makes this city beautiful a brilliant getaway!

So, summer is already coming close and we are geared up with labor day 2016 USA offers and deals to make your trip right! With countless places to relax on and a quick ice-cream to eat! Soak it all, while you still can! Have a merry and sizzling labour day!




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