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Quite a lame question it seems.
Do you really need reasons that will justify traveling? Does the urge to do so, not comes naturally from within? Well, maybe it does, but you failed to recognize the voice or maybe you’ve tried to suppress the yearning to look beyond the windows of your self-constructed little world. If your are happy and content in that little space of yours, then you are unaware of the tremendous things out there awaiting to be explored by you.
Traveling opens up the world for you, it expands your horizons & your worldview. Each new place you visit, helps you discover countless new things in life. It is not just a pleasure ride, but a learning ride too.Words may fail to describe what an invaluable treasure travel is. Still, to state a few, here are 7 reasons why one should (read as ‘must’) travel-   1. Travel because your eyes want to see the world! reasons to travel1 The world is a beautiful place. It is more fascinating than you could have ever imagined. This wondrous world is a delight to the eye. The tantalizing azure waters of the ocean, the mighty mountains, the dry scorchy desserts, fascinating flora and fauna, historic landmarks and skyscrapers, the colors of festivity- travel to different places and discover something new every time. Your friendly neighborhood can’t renew itself to keep you engaged for long.But the world remains there to explore.  
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  2. Travel because your brain urges to be fed with newer information! reasons to travel 2   Newer places, newer avenues; new questions and new answers. Traveling offers a great learning experience, a knowledge that can never be gathered from any books. Traveling is the best way to study your history and geography and broadening your worldview. You may read about the history or politics of different countries, but practical knowledge which comes with traveling cannot be matched by any of those theories. Plus not everything in the world is documented in books.   3. Travel because your taste buds want to enjoy new tastes! reasons to travel 3 Traveling gives you an opportunity to experiment with foods. Travel across the lengths and breadths of India, and you’ll get to taste thousand different delicacies. Each region has its own specialties to offer. If a country has so much variety on its platter, think of what the world has on offer. Traveling offers a chance to pamper your greedy tummy and tongue. And the more is your appetite satisfied, the merrier you are.   Interesting : Modi announces New Delhi-San Francisco direct flights   4. Travel because your feet want to tread the unseen paths! reasons to travel 4 Mountains, meadows, sea-shores, sands, dense forests, gardens, hills and seas. The world is not at all flat there are such diverse terrains to walk along, walk into and walk across. Sitting at home and driving to your office is a mundane routine. Travel and discover some new terrains.   5. Travel because your adrenaline gland wants to experience something exciting! reasons to travel 5 Traveling does not mean to take a train or a flight, landing in a new place and just relaxing and doing some sightseeing. It offers you an opportunity to try things that you did not have in your vicinity. Going to places for some adventure is one of the biggest quest of travelers. Biking, skiing, trekking or getting to do some water sport or visiting a theme park or a roller coaster ride. Travel around to seek places where there is an adrenal rush.   6. Travel because your body and brain want to de-stress! reasons to travel 6 Work pressure, studies, or even domestic routine takes a toll on you. Traveling helps in escaping the daily life pressures and taking a time out. It helps to take a getaway and relax for a while. Distancing yourself from the everyday stresses and rejuvenating yourself. Travel to come refueled with fresh energy to work to the best of your capabilities.  
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7. Travel because you have a heart that beats!   reasons to travel 7 Are you a die-hard romantic? Then you would know how traveling is such a romantic idea. There are great sights to visit and pamper your senses. Traveling with your loved one to a city like Venice or Paris is without doubt a memory making experience. It is not without a reason that movies are not shot inside the four walls of a house. The world has spectacular places that enrich the experience of sharing quality time with the beloved, or finding one along the journey.   To sum it up... Travel because you are still alive!  

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