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The massive Canadian nation is one of the most enthralling places to visit. The fact that it is so massive, gives an added advantage, for one can go crazy with a number of things to be explored here. The pleasant summer weather in most parts is one good reason that most tourists choose to visit the place in this season. However, there is no dearth of finding better and more exciting reasons to make Canada your next summer destination.

Read below to find 7 convincing ones:

1. The Northern Lights

FORT CHIPEWYAN, ALTA.: SEPTEMBER, 13, 2013: Northern lights fill the sky over monument hill in Fort Chipewyan, Alta. on September 13, 2013. Established in 1788, Fort Chipewyan is the oldest settlement in Alberta. (Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal) Note this picture was corrected for fisheye lens distortion to keep the horizon straight as it appeared in real life. ORG XMIT: POS1309262000474575

There are few things in nature more captivating and enchanting as looking at the Northern Lights, and see them the best place arguably is Canada. You will have to visit the Yukon Territory for this particular experience. To know when exactly can you expect the spectacular lights, checking the predictions online could work positively. Quite rarely have they gone wrong.

2. Lake Activities

Lake Activities in Canada

Too many lakes and too many activities to pick from. Well, you don’t really have to wreck your brains too hard to select the best; it’s fun at any and every lake out there. Enjoy fun activities like boating, kayaking, fishing, kayaking and much more, along with gazing at the beautiful scenery around. Some of the most popular ones- the three lakes at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Maligne Lake in Alberta to name a few.

3. Dinosaur Meet

Have you heard of the Jurassic Forest in the Alberta province of Canada? If you’ve grown up watching the Jurassic Park movies, this is one must visit place. It’s a seasonal attraction, and the gates have opened for the current season since mid April. Go for an unbelievably great adventure tour of the Jurassic Forest and have a nice time viewing the animatronic dinos.

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4. Celebrate Canada Day

Canada Day

1st of July is the Canadian National Day, so understandably, like India on Independence Day, Canada is in the celebratory mode during this time. In the capital city, Ottawa, a massive festival takes place. There’s a lot to look forward to- concerts, street performances, food and drink, and spectacular fire works. So if you want to be there then, start your search to grab the cheapest flights from India to Canada right now.

5. The Banff National Park

 Banff National Park

Azure waters, glistening glaciers, flower-filled meadows and snow clad mountains- the best of mother nature is here at the Banff National Park. Be one among the millions who visit this true delight of Canada, situated in the heart of the great Canadian Rockies. The National Park is spread over a gigantic area of 6,641 square kilometres. You can enjoy nature walk or some lake activities at the Lake Louise (which is not the only one out there).

6. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Canada

The great Niagara Falls is a common link between the US and Canada, and both the nations enjoy a flourishing tourism owing a lot to this popular spot as well. So whilst in Canada, one must visit Niagara Falls, a city in Ontario by the same name as the waterfall. The most amazing way of doing it is to see the spectacular natural beauty from above i.e., via a helicopter tour. If you can, it’s totally worth to splurge to have the experience of a lifetime.

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7. Glamping in Canada

Glamping in Canada

A haven for camping. Canadians love this way of life, and you would too. There are some amazing luxury resorts which will give you unique camping opportunities without having to compromise on your comforts and luxuries while on a holiday. And so we call it- Glamping (glamorous camping). However, you don’t necessarily have to spend so much. Go the common way, Canada offers great countryside escapes for amazing camping trips. All you need is the will to go for it.

Canada is a promising destination to pick up as your summer destination this year. You can still book the cheapest all inclusive holiday packages and ensure for yourself an all amazing holiday to remember for a lifetime.


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