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The national capital, Delhi has a historic charm attached to it in addition to its modern touch. The metropolitan is home to people from around the country and is the best place to see the diversity of India! Apart from the diversity in India culture, it is also known for the most prominent monuments of the country. The history of Indian civilization and struggle for independence can be seen in them. Indians living in Canada, who feel an attraction towards their roots must visit this city at least once. Book cheap flights from Toronto to Delhi and let the path-finder in you explore its parentage! Visit these 10 places for sure when you set foot in Delhi.   Lotus Temple: A master piece in terms of architecture, Lotus Temple is not dedicated to any particular religion. No rituals are performed inside the temple and is for the sole purpose of silently connecting to the inner God. Its beauty cannot be described in words, but you’ll have to curtail your excitement. You have to maintain silence here! Lotus Temple   Akshardham: The hypnotizing beauty of the place will bind you in a way that you won’t have a heart to leave! Other attractions inside the complex being, informative boat ride, enthralling fountain show, lush green garden and a food court serving mouth watering delicacies. All these things together make up for the ‘swarm of bees’ like crowd! Akshardham Tomb of Safdarjung: Built in 1754, this monument was built for statesman Safdarjung. Described as the ‘last flicker in the lamp of Mughal architecture’, this tomb is hedged by beautiful gardens of the Mughal charbagh style. Despite being adjacent to Lodi Road, a busy place in Delhi; the tomb is enveloped in silence! Tomb of Safdarjung   Trending: Amazing Hidden Tourist Destinations in USA   Agrasen Ki Baoli: Remember PK? The moment when Anushka Sharma realizes that Amir khan is an alien, that was shot at Agrasen Ki Baoli! This itself rises interest, Ha Ha! But you might want to know that it is said to be a haunted place! When you are at Connaught Place, do visit the Baoli for some thrill! Agrasen Ki Baoli   Garden of 5 Senses: The most romantic place in Delhi, the Garden of 5 Senses is your best bet to take your beloved along! 25 statues rest in here taking the visual aspect of the garden to a whole new level. Walk through the flowery paths to reach a food court. Enjoy your meal in the cool breezy weather! Garden of 5 Senses Nizamudin Dargah: ‘Kun Faya Kun’ song from the movie, Rockstar takes the atmosphere to new heights of spirituality and serenity! The song shot at Nizamudin Dargah will send you in a trance and your craving to visit the place will increase multi-fold. Choose Thursday or Saturday for listening to the Kawallis with a special touch! Nizamudin Dargah Sarojini Market: If you are a girl, you’ll hear of this place the moment you step in Delhi! Trendy stuff at affordable prices, the perfect joint for street shopping. Rejuvenate yourself by indulging in some shopping therapy at Sarojini Market. But don’t forget to bargain, its completely legal! Sarojini Market India is the land of diversity. Be a part of it and enjoy your stay here by visiting these places. Grab attractive offers and book cheap flights to Delhi. The action is right here and you are sure to love it! Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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