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Air travelling over long distances can be a hectic and stressful thing to do. Not always, you might be in the best of your spirits to travel. A journey via air over long distances can only be enjoyed if a person feels hale and hearty. With an unhealthy state of mind and body, travelling can seem to be more of a burden to a person. Staying healthy before and during the flight is necessary. For this some simple health tips can be followed.

6 Best Health Tips for Air Travel are listed as follows: Improve your Immunity: Before boarding a flight, take some amount of Vitamin C and Echinacea. Loads of pathogens might be present in the flight. With doses of Vitamin C and Echinacea, you can keep these germs at bay. Vitamin C supplements are known for enhancing immunity of the body. Echninacea is also an herb, known to have medicinal properties. Prepare your body to fight germs beforehand. Carry some Healthy Snacks: Make it a point to carry some healthy snacks with you. A few dry fruits or carrot sticks will make the best snacks. Whenever you feel hungry in between meals while travelling, munch onto these snacks. They will keep your blood sugar levels maintained. Snacks that you will get in the flight might be too oily and may even cause heartburn, eventually making you sick. The best way to avoid this is by taking some healthy snacks with you while travelling. These snacks can turn out to be your best friends even in times of flight delays. Sip onto some Tea: Sipping onto some herbal tea is the best way to keep yourself from falling sick during the flight. You can always carry 3-4 tea bags in your hand-on bag while travelling. An herbal tea such as ginger or tulsi will help you deal with uneasiness related to travelling. Such teas are full of antioxidants and are rejuvenating in nature. Don’t Cross your Legs: To stay healthy and comfortable during the flight, make sure you do not cross your legs. Crossing your legs for a long duration can make you tired. Make yourself feel comfortable by placing your legs on some carry-on bag. Risk of clots and restricted blood flow occurs due to keeping one’s legs crossed. Alcohol should be Avoided: Avoid consuming alcohol during long flights. Alcohol does not keep you hydrated or warm. Instead of keeping you relaxed, it might make you sick. Intake of caffeine and alcohol should be prohibited in flights. Drink Sufficient Amount of Water: If you do not want to cut on your caffeine and alcohol intake, the best way to keep yourself healthy is to consume plenty of water. This will help you get rid of blood clots and will keep you fresh as well.

By taking some precautions, you can make your journey a healthier and happier experience.

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