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So it's that time of the year again when that irresistible travel bug has sparked the travel bug! And you seriously need a break from the humdrum of life and want to take your parents to a trip worth living. Worry not, we’ll make it easier for you. The city of Calgary, which has a plethora to offer to aged people in the way of fulfilling culture, history, physical activities, majestic landscapes and world-class dining. Being a cultural hub, all thanks to the thriving industry, this city has imbued people of all ages with its personality. Get your flights from Mumbai to Calgary and trust us, there is no scarcity of activities for your parents to relish and make memories which won't fade away too soon. We have penned a few fun things which you can do with your parents while in Calgary!

A Stroll In The Prince’s Island Park

Prince islands park

The Prince’s Island on Bow River is undoubtedly a walker’s paradise. An outing on well-maintained walkways to be a serene, relaxing and quiet change from the daily buzz of downtown. It as an ideal and perfect place for your parents too for a calm walk and spend some time with their children in the lovely playgrounds. If while strolling they get tired, there are benches and even a lovely spot for lunch.

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Visit Glenbow Museum

glenbow museum

Glenbow Museum is the gem of the Western Canadian history! It doesn’t only exhibits the most extensive collection of displays on the regions and its history and also features popular traveling art exhibits. This museum contains all the amenities which your parent may require such as wheelchairs or heavily lauded staff. This place is sure to re-kindle your parents nostalgic moments and entertain them with the international cultures.

Amazing Coffee Shops

amazing coffee shops

Downtown Calgary is home to some fine coffee shops which take their craft quite seriously. If your parents are avid coffee drinkers and admire the finest of coffees, a relaxing outing to one of the coffee shops in Downtown Calgary will make for a perfect day out.

Walk Through The Heritage Park

heritage park

A trip to the Heritage Park Historical Village includes a leisurely stroll through commentating history, exposure to the city’s rich history, a stop at the locally renowned bakery and even a train ride. It is popular among tourists and locals alike because it generates a sense of environment which is full of joy and meaning.

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Have A Good Brunch At The Holy Grill

the holy grill

If a thoroughly lip-smacking meal counts as an idea of perfect outing with your parents, brunch at The Holy Grill would prove to be as fine as it gets. This restaurant which is owned by a single family provides you an experience which your parents would love to repeat! An outing to Holy Grill pairs well with the stroll at the park nearby.

Senior Citizen Recreation Centres

Senior Citizen Recreation Centres

Recreation centers make for one of the ace outing ideas for the seniors because of multifarious things they have to offer. Board games, arts and crafts and the discussion groups scattered throughout Calgary’s recreation centers.

So, in a nutshell, a great time can be relished with your parents while you are in Calgary! With no shortage of cultural events, quaint walking areas and community events to suit choices of people of all ages, book your flights from Delhi to Calgary and have happy time traversing the city.


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