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The ceremony of celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday, amidst heavy rains, the rapture of crowds at dahi handi, dancing and singing and street performances, yummy cuisines and midnight celebrations in temples- that is how Janmashtami is celebrated in the land of festivals, Incredible India! For the sake of work or fun, if you are in this land of distinctive cultures during this festive season, we have listed 6 places you should visit to be a part of this action!

1. Mathura

 Mathura Janmashtami celebration

Going by the legends, regarded as the birth place of Lord Krishna, Mathura dresses up in the most remarkable way 10 days prior to Janmashtami. Meant to signify the cradle of Krishna, there is an exclusive celebration in this place known as Jhulanotsav, for which swings are arranged in the yards of temples and houses. The festive look becomes even more flashy with the attached ropes of flowers for the swings! Apart from Jhulanotsav, Raas Lila, splendid Jhankis, dance of the spiritual love depicting cradle age of Krishna makes this place a perfect shot to live the spiritual touch. Do not forget paying visit to Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir, quoted to be the actual birth place of Lord, to make your visit more worth-wile!

2. Vrindavan

Vrindavan Janmashtami celebration

Approximately 15km of a drive from Mathura, it is a charming place we recommend you to visit in order to witness another ravishing celebration. This is the place where Krishna spent his childhood stealing hearts and butter, of course! The whole town becomes lively with the echo of Bhajans and bells all around. Devotees all across the nation visit this holy town to be the part of this Janmashtami celebrations. Houses, ghats, temples, houses, everything here is graced up with colors and lights. Do not miss it renowned spot of Lord’s Raas Lila, Madhuban, which comes alive during this part. Also, not to skip it’s important temples such as ISKCON temple and Banke Bihari temple! Because of its great zeal and spiritedness, Vrindavan surely is a place to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

3. Dwarka

Dwarka Janmashtami celebration

Known as the Dwarka Kingdom, it is believed to be the kingdom of Lord Krishna, the city assumes a whole distinct look during Janmashtami, and is regarded as one of the best among lots, where this festival is celebrated enthusiastically. The decorations in its renowned Dwarkadhish Temple are acclaimed all over the country. Amongst Bhajan kirtans and sermons, this place brightens up with the rows of lights which extracts the festive spirit all the more. This place is also in the limelight for its exotic jewelry of gold,diamonds etc. A strange custom of playing cards is also followed throughout the city,as they give their work’s day! So if you are keen in having a deck, do land in Dwarka during the festival days and have a game, worth remembering!

4. Puri

Puri Janmashtami celebration

Regarded as one of the forms of Lord Krishna, Jagannath, Janmashtami in Puri is celebrated with great fervor. Its famous Jagannath temple is all dressed up with exquisite flowers and swings are installed which are also illuminated by flowers. Special midnight prayers are held, chronicles of Krishna and Balaram are enacted, children dressed up like Krishna and Radha perform Krishna Leela and among the lots, the highlight and thing to look at Puri is its out of the world dahi Handi celebrations which will leave you amazed!

5. Maharashtra  

Maharashtra Janmashtami celebration

Right beside to the dahi handi celebrations of Puri, lies the dahi handi of Maharashtra. Also known as Gokulashtami in this state, a number of people who symbolize a young Lord Krishna form a human pyramid and aim for the pitcher of dahi , which is hung at the top, and they keep chanting ‘Govinda Govinda’ while doing it. The whole ordeal is to pay tribute to the activities of young Krishna, who is believed to be notorious in his early days.

6. Udupi

Udupi Janmashtami celebration

The highlight of Janmashtami celebrations in Udupi is possession of the gold idol of young Krishna escorted by the temple elephants, which are further accompanied by classical music and dance performances. Further, a play depicting Krishna’s childhood days is held with great pomp and show. Rejuvenate yourself by experiencing a variety of cultural shows, performances, flute recitals and puppetry troupes. We recommend you to taste the pal Payasam and Nei appam that is given as Prasad to the people visiting.

Do experience this beautiful scenario of Janmashtami celebrations in distinctive parts of India and plan your trip to these centers of festivity and spiritualize yourselves!





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