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Back in the times, when the world was not so connected, when people in one continent knew nothing about the existence of any other piece of land than their own. A time before the discovery of wheel when it was thought that the earth is nothing but a flat piece of land not bigger than what your eyes can behold.

How limited was the worldview back then, but not anymore. The humongous expanse of the world has now been realized. And man has made tremendous progress in molding the world according to his wants and desires, yet there are things beyond his control.
Here’s a list of some of the most dangerous roads in the world to traverse, for the difficult terrain could not be conquered entirely by even the best of the brilliant minds:-
North Yungas Road, Bolivia:


Too many and too sharp turns, make this 40-mile long stretch one the most most dangerous roads to drive on. It is infamously known as the Road of Death. The narrow stretch has had buses and trucks tumbling down the valley quite too often.

Passage de Gois, France:


A road that’s below the sea level? Yes, that is what makes this one among the dangerous roads listed out here. This is not a permanent feature though, but the road certainly is at the same altitude as the sea. You might just get engulfed in the tides while driving on this long stretch of 4.3 km road in between the waters.

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Zojila Pass, India:


Mountain terrains are always dangerous to travel and the Zojila Pass is amongst the most dangerous ones. At an altitude as high as 3500 meters, the rocky 9km stretch links Ladakh and Kashmir in India. Apart from the altitude, the livestock also makes it difficult to drive across this pass.

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China:

Crazy Roads06

Walking inside the mountains, literally, is not the safest options right? The Guoliang Tunnel Road connects the village of Guoliang village with the rest of the world. But it is still a challenge to pass this difficult terrain, a road (4m wide) hollowed out from a mountain side comes with a fair share of risks involved.

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Atlantic Road, Norway:


Sometimes the dark is wears a bright attractive garb. That’s how we could describe the dangerous Atlantic Road in Norway. It can unquestionably be named as the most scenic drive-ways in the European continent. But this highway is also among the most dangerous of the roads in the entire world. Massive waves and super strong winds can make it highly risky during storms.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand:


You cannot hit this road without a permit. And even if you are getting one, do you still want to risk your life? The narrow road has had many unfortunate incidents of people losing it and running into the other direction. Driving on this road is indeed a slippery dare, wise men will definitely choose to decline.


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