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“ What is this life if full of care/We have no time to stand and stare.” Life without a dash of fun, a bit of indulgence, slight spoiling and a lot of exposure, can turn into dreadful existence. So to save one and all from this tragic situation, is one very good reason to travel. Here are the others- Travel can change your view about the world. travel can change your views You learn better by seeing and engaging with something first hand, than by reading or hearing about it. The more you travel, the more you will know how different and diverse is the world around us, and this will sure change your perspective and views. And it will all be very fascinating. The picture that you had of Europe, when in USA will find a slight shift, as would it be for what you thought about the life of people in Africa or Asia. You might get in the habit of having too much fun. travel and fun What travel most teaches you, is to get out of your shell. It opens you up and ends your inhibitions and hesitations. As you move in and around new places, meet new people, explore new cultures and lifestyles, you begin to enjoy life in the real sense. And once you hit the true source of happiness, you get addicted to having this fun be continued always and forever. Trending: 5 Reasons You Should Fly Business Class Instead Of First You could become addicted to collecting new things. indian souvenirs Postcards, fridge magnets are the most common souvenirs people pick up from any place they happen to visit for the first time. However, apart from that there are many striking things that get the attention, because of their uniqueness and rarity. For instance, while on a trip to India, most travelers can resist to collect the traditional Indian fabrics and costumes as well as handicrafts. Traveling thus feeds on your shopping indulgences. You will annoy your friends who didn’t go with you. jealous friends When you ping them with a selfie at a new place, and you continue to do that quite often; or keep posting such social media posts; your friends are sure to get jealous and annoyed. They will hate you for having such a happening life. And you know they are not wrong in feeling that way. Right? ;) You will miss the food you had on your last trip. Original and authentic tastes can not be recreated anywhere. You are sure to grab some delicious local bites, on your travel trips and those will trigger your salivary glands in all good ways. But the sad part that you will keep missing those splendid flavors once you are back. Interesting: 7 Hidden Places in India You Must Go For A Holiday You will want to travel forever! travel forever Once you discover the joy of traveling, there’s no stopping. You will get too spoilt and would never want to sit back. All you will want is to keep traveling. Once you’ve been to a few places around your own city, you’d like to expand your boundaries by traveling across the country. And then, the urge will be to have international trips. This will just not stop, because even skies are no limit. And finally, you’ll be so spoilt that you will waste all the time, that you have to spare, planning and dreaming about the places that you still have on your bucket list. Sound’s like a good thing? Yes, it obviously is. Give in to the joy of traveling, book your tickets and head to a place, you have never seen before.

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