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Legend has it that Deepawali, widely acclaimed as Diwali is celebrated to mark the Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya after spending 14 years in exile. Fast-forwarding to few centuries to present, the festival of Diwali has become that stage of the year when the whole family unites together to rejoice with lights and prayers! Its the the time of the year when the shops witness longest of queues, crackers burst raucously and people are juggling with their time to complete a never-ending list of things to do!

This Diwali celebrate the feeling of togetherness by hoping into 6 best places to visit in Diwali vacation in India with an extended getaways with your loved ones!

1. Delhi diwali in delhi

Undoubtedly the best place in India for Diwali celebrations, Delhi is the place to be! Throng through the markets for the shopping cravings and catch on the restaurants for some scrumptious meals, you need to be lucky enough to get a seating in the restaurants as they are much crowded! But, definitely worth the wait! When it is Diwali, there have to be fireworks! Relish the breathtaking fireworks display if you are here in Diwali.

Do not forget to pay visit to the happening Diwali melas in the city!

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2. Amritsar diwali in amritsar

Amritsar is the place you must visit during Diwali! This city transforms itself into an ethereal paradise during the days of festivity. The charm and pride of the city, Golden Temple is grandest testimony to this buzzing festival of lights! It is all lit up with diyas and candles and is a mystical sight. You will feel like there is some magical and spellbinding aura in the air and waters surrounding this temple!

Spiritualize yourselves and be ignited with prayers and warmth of tons of people!

3. Varanasi dev diwali in varanasi

This place witnesses the true-blue Diwali celebrations amidst millions of people and millions of lights! Start your day with Ganga Snan ritual (bath in Ganga) followed by buzzing into the bustling markets selling brightly colored apparels and Diwali sweets. During sunset, just sail into a gentle boat ride soaking into the lamps along the shore as they mildly illuminate the darkness! Stay a week longer to relish Dev Deepawali (Diwali of Gods) remarked as the part of Ganga Mahotsav festival to boast Varanasi’s cultural and traditional heritage!

4. Jaipur diwai in Jaipur

Regarded as the ace destination for the foodies, Jaipuri’s treat Diwali as one of their most remarkable and important festivals! Women of Rajasthan make yummy Diwali treats such as Gond ke laddoo, Mawa kachori, Besan barfi and Sohan papdi that are right on the money! There are a plethora of Diwali fairs all around the city that are chaotic yet a gorgeous sight in Diwali.

5. Kolkata diwali festival in kolkata

Grab your tickets to Kolkata and relish its own style of celebrating this grand festivity! Kali Pooja coincides with festival of Diwali and goddess Kali is worshiped and you would witness unique offerings to the goddess during Diwali. Apart from flowers and sweets, meat and fish are also offered to Goddess! The city is mesmerizing, all lit up with bulbs, lamps and candles all around. A dazzling and breathtaking display of fireworks is part of the Diwali celebrations too!

This city of joy certainly lives up to its reputation and name during Diwali!


6. Agra diwali in Agra

The city of Agra is well stocked with the jubilant celebrations on this auspicious occasion! Agra fort is all lit up and the firecrackers display against backdrop of legendary Taj Mahal looks simply breathtaking and out of the world. Go on a trip to the renowned Mahadev Temple to witness the authentic Diwali rituals.

Now you are greeted with 6 crackling destinations and best places to spend Diwali! So prepare yourselves as it is the time to unveil some great and cracking stop-overs for Diwali this year!


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