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Some trips are not meant for the faint-hearted. But for the ones who have the guts to embark on such feats, would tell, getting better over fears is the most amazing feeling in the world. The high that such adventures provide is give memories for a lifetime, and butterflies in stomach every time that remarkable event is recalled.


If you too wish to have similar sensations, and are ready to counter your fright; here are some jaw-dropping places on the face of the earth that you definitely got to head to-


B.A.S.E. Jumping in Norway:


base jumping


For those who feel, jumping off a plane with a parachute is thrilling but there could be something edgier, then BASE Jumping is the answer for them. This adventure sport, because of the risks and dangers involved, is not permitted by law at many places. Though, if you wish to try head to Norway. BASE Jumping at the Kjerag Mountain, here it is legally permitted for the public to take the plunge.


Crossing the Trift Suspension Bridge in the Swiss Alps:


^7C4239E8C098AEFB01E031BBEDC67A1474907C5AFE63CBBF2E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Until 2015, it was the longest pedestrian suspensions in the world (170 meters). Climbing mountains, is sure an adventure but walking across the mountains on a narrow bridge at a mighty altitude, is something even more terrific. Walking over the Trift can be counted as one of the most satisfying moments for most travel junkies.


Skydiving Over Mount Everest, Nepal:


skydive The name Mount Everest sufices to tell, any adventure involved, has to be for the daring alone. It is rightly called as the Elite Adventure, as one requires to pay a hefty amount to have this throbbing experience. The Everest Skydive has been an annual event since 2008. A free fall from a height of 2300+ feet with the world’s highest peak at the backdrop; this is a dream feat on the bucket list of most adventurers.


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Glass Skywalking Around Tianmen Mountain, China:


Tianmen-Bridge Not for the weak-hearted; a skywalk at a height of 4,700ft above sea level. Glass floor to see, exactly, what lies below that sheet of glass- the only thing that separates you from the engulfing deadly fall. Walking along the cliff-side at the Tianmen Mountain, China can give you jitters all over, a make you feel a pit in your stomach.


Heli-Biking in New Zealand:


large_heli_bike Heli-biking is quite a popular activity among the adrenal-rush seekers. Queenstown, New Zealand is the destination which offers one of the best Heli-biking experiences in the world. A heart pounding trail, that will delight the mountain bikers to the tee. Have a thrilling biking trip, right after enjoying the scenes during your helicopter ride.


Rock Climbing Stolen Chimney, Fisher Towers-Moab, Utah:


rc In Utah, U.S.A is this place, where many a daredevils have been to and list is one of the most memorable climbs. Ancient Art is the most famous tower in the Fisher Towers, because it is here that the popular Stolen Chimney route lies, which has marked it’s place as a thrilling summit made only for those who tread challenging paths.


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