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For those who heard not so good things about Detroit, consider seeing the other side of the coin. It is not all about crime, corruption and cars. It sure is there, but not everywhere. Detroit is a beautiful place which has art and history. It is also has great food and coffee. However, it cannot be denied that Detroit is not the most conventional place to visit as tourists.

Nevertheless, if you are up for a visit to this place; here are 5 things (good) that you should probably know -
Don’t go urban-exploring:


There is nothing apart from abandoned buildings and a sad air of grief and sorrow. However, Detroit still has people living in other parts and living happily. And visitors too are welcomed with much warmness.

Your taste buds will like the place instantly:


Eat at Coney Dog or try some Italian and Mexican cuisine in Southwestern restaurant. There are many an eating joints hidden in the nooks and crannies of this place where you can savor rare delicacies.

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8 Mile is just another road:


First, it genuinely is a place, actually a road in Detroit. Second, it has no relation to the movie by that name, or maybe it provided a metaphoric inspiration for the makers. As far as we know, the road is just like any other to drive on.

Fine brewing coffee:


Detroit has some really amazing to go to sip great coffee like the Great Lakes Coffee situated in Midtown on Woodward or in Ferndale, Pinwheel Bakery. But one place that cannot be missed is Slow’s BBQ. Taste heaven.

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Splendid Art and Architecture:


Visit Detroit Institute of Arts, Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History,the African Bead Museum and the Guardian Building (in downtown Detroit). You will understand what we are talking about. Spectacular architecture and centers of great arts.

No doubt, Detroit has a sorrow0ridden tale of decay, yet it has preserved certain glorious remains of the past, with a beautiful blend of amazing people, culture, art and music, food and architecture its present is not too dismal and the future holds great promise with tremendous scope for entrepreneurs. So if a work commitment takes you to this place, don’t be hesitant. Moreover, it is a fine place to go for leisure too. Fly to Detroit; avail discounted ticket offers on flights to Detroit only on Tripbeam. FYI - direct flights from Detroit to India are also available with us now. Grab the opportunity, Detroit is calling.

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