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If you’re a travel buff, this might be one of the favorite times of the year for you. Christmas, New Year, Holiday and a Travel Plan; what more can a globetrotter ask for. Be it family or a solo trip, winter vacations are the best way to take a break from your daily recurrent schedule. Wherever you plan to pitch your winter-holiday tents, always keep in mind that it’s not just you who’s planning a vacation. Keep reminding yourself that it’s the holiday season and every second person in the world might be planning a holiday and maybe an island full of people might have the same holiday plans as yours.

Be prepared to face long queues at the airports, overcrowded waiting areas and omnipresent security systems. Don’t let these things debase your excitement levels. To make the most of your holiday, it is important for you to be geared up to face these problems. Remember, your holiday journal will always be incomplete without a rickety travel experience.

You can always use some easy tips while traveling in the holiday season. These tips can actually make your journey to your holiday destination a peaceful one.

  1. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR LUGGAGE: Every traveler has atleast one ‘Mystery of the Missing Luggage’ experience in a lifetime. If you want to avoid going through the inconvenience of losing your luggage at the airport or elsewhere, make sure you keep a few things in mind. The first thing to do is to avoid carrying unnecessary luggage. Pack all your essentials such as identification documents and medicines in a travel bag. Only things that you’ll need while travelling should be packed in that bag.At an airport, you’ll be expected to check in your entire luggage. Some airlines levy charges on the passengers while checking the bags. This is why it is important to manage your luggage. More the number of bags you check-in higher will be your expenses. This will save you a lot of time on an airport, especially in the holiday season
  1. DONT FORGET YOUR RESERVATIONS: Make your reservations in time. Before traveling to your holiday destination, make sure you have your flight and hotel reservations done. Holiday season is about overcrowded holiday spots which in turn lead to no vacancy at the hotels, lodges and restrooms. A smart traveler will always pre-book hotels and make prior arrangements for travelling. Last-minute reservation plans can often leave you aghast in the holiday season. While booking air tickets, make sure you choose non-stop flights.
  1. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: An unexpected issue can turn your holiday into a sour memory. Stay on your toes to tackle any unpredicted problem. Keeping calm and trying not to panic is the best thing to do in case of a ‘holiday-travel-gone-bad’. Think peacefully and you will always be able to find best ways out of a problem.
  1. EAR PLUGS AND EYE-MASKS CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIENDS: During the peak holiday season, flights can often be congested. You’ll never be sure about who might just sit next to you. You may get stuck with a chatty woman, a snoring uncle or a cry-baby for the entire journey. All this might leave you exhausted and irritated. This is where your ear-plugs and eye-masks come handy. Just plug in your favorite song and enjoy your journey.
  1. TRAVEL EITHER EARLY OR LATE IN THE DAY: In order to avoid jammed roads and heavy traffic while reaching the airport make sure you leave 3-4 hours before the scheduled time. This tip can come handy for the first flyers as well. If you’re planning to travel via road, it is considered to be the best to leave early in the day or late in the evening. This will help you avoid unnecessary traffic jams.

Travel is one of the best things to do while holidays. For those to take travel to be a refreshing respite there can be no other time than the holiday season to do so. With these simple five tips, travelling and surviving the journey can turn out to be a cake-walk.


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