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Want to travel in luxury, but those first class tickets seem to be costing shockingly high? Then how about flying on business class? Great on-board facilities, at prices that are totally worth it.  
There is a reason that the two classes are separated from each other, even though in some airlines, they are merged, and some have all together no first class seats at all. While for those, who can spend without blinking an eye, need not think twice before booking the best of the lot- First Class. But for others who don’t mind to pay a little extra for high comfort and privacy, but still have to mind their budget, business class flight costs will suit them just well.  
Here are five reasons why there’s not much you are leaving out on traveling on business class instead of First Class:-  
Privacy & Comfort:  
Business Class3  
The reason why people spend on first or business class is that these provide them exclusivity as well as privacy. While in the first class cabin, no other class passengers are permitted, business class too cannot be accessed by the economy flying passengers. Hence, limiting the disturbance. Also a separate check-in queue and access to airport lounges are facilities that come with the high priced tickets. Both amenities are shared by business as well as first class flyers. Then, which do you think is the better deal?  
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Food & Drink:  
Business Class2 Both business class and first class passengers are served luxury food, wine and liquor on-board. Generally, there’s a slight better variety on first class, however, how much are you going to probably eat and drink on even a 10-12 hours flight at max. In both the cabins, people can enjoy satiating food and beverages, which definitely have a marked difference when compared to the food offering on economy class.  
business class6 On first class, you fly like a king, with attendants waiting to serve and comfort you all along the flight journey. On the other hand, business class is no less comforting, and you fly like highly sorted businessmen, just what you probably are. Flight attendants will be at your service as and when needed, and they will make sure your personal space is violated by none at all.  
BusinessClass4 There’s a slight difference in the seats of the two cabins, not as the price difference might suggest. For instance,if it’s a 18”-34” width and 55-65”pitch in a long haul business class seat, it would be increased to 19”-35” width and 58”-94”pitch on the same flight for first class.Rest all the seats would be fully-flat, standard reclining, in both.  
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BusinessClass5 At the end it all comes down to the price. There is a drastic gap between the two. First class flight tickets will usually cost twice the amount of business class ticket, while it may shoot upto 5 times more on certain routes, along with private pods or suites. So for a luxury not too essential, you can get a great travel experience for a much lower price.  
So before you book your next flight, consider the above points.But before making the bookings, research well, and be specific. The two classes might differ greatly from airline to airline, and also depending on the routes. If the amenities seem not too different, then better save a little. Also, if you are looking for business class flight to India, then book with us and make the savings double with our exclusive deals.  

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