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Suffused with charming neighborhoods, historic sites, gorgeous stop-overs for some scenic strolls, a vast array of museums and lip-smacking dining options, Boston is one of those cities which you could repeatedly visit and experience it distinctively each trip! Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts is always on the travel wish list of vagabonds. It’s among the ace places to visit in America and rejuvenate yourselves. Get your cheap flights from India to Boston and whether you are a history buff, art admirer, a foodie, beer lover or into sports and films, you can easily build up a Boston itinerary centered around your interests!

However, if you are visiting this largest city of Massachusetts, we have got top 5 ideas for you on how to acquaint yourself with one of the oldest cities in America.

Take A Tour

take a tour

You may be knowing that the best way to explore a new area is to take a tour offered by multifarious agencies. Walking tours are perfect for the photo opportunities, but the bus tours tend to cover broader area briefing you about how Boston is laid out. These tours are full of the insightful notions and facts which are fun to grasp and only known among locals. Adding to the fun part taking a walking tour involves mobilization in public transport system which is again a great opportunity to learn about the local bus or subway system.

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Have Good Food At One Of Boston’s Oldest Restaurants

jacob wirth

The city of Boston is filled with a fleet of restaurants serving lip-smacking dishes and serving the people of America since 1820 s. Few of them being Jacob Wirth, Union Oyster House are amongst the oldest restaurants in Boston serving beer and sausages since 1868. So to get the feel of late 80 s, you ought to have food at one of the oldest restaurants to relish to the true Boston experience.

Visit A Museum

visit a museum

With showcasing more than 40 museums in the city, you are more likely to greet yourself with the one which will suit your interests! If you are visiting Boston with kids, you can visit the Museum of Science and Boston Children’s Museum where they can get their hands on plethora of fun-filled facts, exhibitions and activities. For the history buff inside you, visit Boston Tea Party Ships and Museums, John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and a lot more to satisfy your history sensations. Institute of Contemporary Arts is also a not-to-miss museum exhibiting unique collection of exhibits for all the art lovers.

Dine In The North End

north end

You shouldn’t miss out the North End while in this city! Drink some wine, eat some pasta, get a cannoli and thank us later. Stroll along the Salem streets and you will find some fine Italian eateries. All the restaurants have their menus displayed outside, making very hard for you to resist the temptations of some fine food. If you are looking for some delicious after dinner treat, stop by ‘Modern Pastry’ or ‘Mike’s Pastry’!

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Go For A Scenic Stroll

scenic stroll

Now that you are done with the museums, taken a tour and dined around the city, you can wander, freely!! Boston is a beautiful city for casual strolls and wandering around. You can stroll along the Charles river, Boston public garden, Ritzy Newbury Street Shops and many more places for a relaxing leisurely stroll!

So there you go with the initial guide on how to do your first trip to Boston right! Unquestionably, there are a plethora of other ways to let go of all your worries in Boston but yes, amidst all the buzz of places of interests, you must not miss the overhead. Get your cheapest flights from India to Boston and visit the marvel of Massachusetts!


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