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Awful weather can often wash away your travel plans. Bad weather conditions usually cast wreaking spell on the functioning of almost all modes of transportation. The most affected of all modes is the airways. Airport delays are one of the most ineluctable parts of air travel. There are actually very less things that you can do to escape the tyranny of harsh weather. Getting stuck at an airport can turn out to be a tiresome experience for you. Following some easy tips to keep yourself occupied while waiting for your flight to be rescheduled is the best thing to do. You can never predict the spirit of weather, which is why keeping your tabs clear about the weather conditions is necessary. Keep an eye on airline & travel websites; also you can check weather reports on regular basis. Flight cancellations, never-ending delays and getting stuck at an airport are the three most inconvenient facets related to traveling via air. Getting marooned at an airport is somewhat similar to being trapped in a white room of a mental asylum; with repeated flight announcements and the hustle-bustle of trolleys being the only difference. You can always save yourself from getting bored with the help of some easy tips. These following pointers can help you survive the flight delays during bad weather conditions.   1)   The foremost step of this survival guide is to check the flight schedule before leaving for the airport. In case there are bleak chances of you getting stuck at the airport due to flight-delay, pack up an extra hand-on bag of things (like books, games or magazines) which can keep you company. 2)    Hearing the postponement of your flight might leave you tensed. The best thing to do then is to just calm down. By all means, you’ll have to wait for the weather to clear up for your flight to be rescheduled. Meanwhile, relax and indulge in something entertaining. Grab a book or listen to your favorite music. As much as you, try to relax. 3)   Don’t check-in your luggage. Keeping your luggage with you until the flight is rescheduled can be a convenient thing to do. 4)   Duty-free shops at airports can help you while away your time. If you are travelling to meet your family or friends, these duty-free shops are the best places for buying keepsakes. Airports usually have electronics, fashion and departmental stores. You can stroll through these shops to kill your time. 5)  In case you’ve tried everything to kill your boredom and you’re left with no respite, take a small nap. Some airports have hotels and lodges as well where you can check in and catch up on your sleep. This will keep you fresh and travel-ready. Sleeping can help you relax and kill boredom.   Surviving an airport delay might sound tiresome but with these tips you can easily keep yourself occupied and keep stress plus boredom at bay.

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