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In airlines, visitors along with the facility of affordable flight tickets also take a keen interest in the in-flight cuisine. Many famous plane caretakers or entrepreneurs have adopted special cabins for specialized food and serve up the touring crowd. Here, we get you the top airline food trends, which boost up every flier’s taste buds and make the cuisine as one of his main reason to travel in the plane. Read below to get acquainted with the popular trends in airline food.
  • Organic Meals: The best a traveler can get is a comfortable flight with healthy food options. This is an uptick for many regular as well as first time fliers. Cereals, grains, oats and nutritious white meat chicken, these all varieties of food have not only attracted many travelers but also many food lovers. People want to have variety along with health as the main concern. Even the beverages served are from farms, bakeries and fresh preparatory.
  • In-Flight Chefs: In many of the famous luxury airlines, travelers are greeted with professional chefs who make meals according to their requirements. Every passenger feels attended and enjoys the multi-cuisines onboard. Passengers have the option to choose from a table full of foods according to their choices.
  • Celebrity Chefs: With the growing trend of in-flight food cuisines, many airlines have diverted from the regular chefs to recruiting professional or celebrity chefs onboard. These chefs prepare mouthwatering dishes for every traveler and it costs the flight business owner the same as before.
  • Culture Based Food: Another hot trend in the food cuisine of flights is destination culture based food. It is quite exciting for travelers who travel from places and get to taste the destination inspired food. This trend is however very necessary as passengers get to see the food culture of the place they are going to tour. It is also very much in use from the money point of view. It is a famous trend and attracts many travelers onboard.
  • Mini-Meal Deal: In most of the airplanes, many chefs are working to cater their passengers with the perfect in-flight mini meals that can be packed in small air-tight pouches. These include light snacks which can be taken raw, anytime. These small volume snacks are prepared to serve for the passenger’s instant cravings.
So, if you plan to travel with any air plane ticket, do notice its food trend and cater yourself with variety of cuisines.

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