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Fourth of July- The declaration of Independence from Great Britain. This day is celebrated with full excitement and joy. Families, neighbors and friends unite to enjoy the freedom. The love for the country and respect for the people who sacrificed everything to serve their country, you will experience a feeling of patriotism in every individual’s heart.   American’s remember the battle, the lives lost and the strength of their soldiers. Therefore, to give them tribute and respect, the day is filled with parades, fireworks, barbecues and baseball game. Americans have declared 4th of July as the birth of American Independence. Independence day in USA is celebrated in various ways but we have come up with the most distinct ways. Lets discuss them all.   Buying Fireworks Buying FireworksBlowing things up is irresistible. Take a trip to local fireworks; stand and pick some great Roman candles, sparklers, ground flowers and you can even try mortars (if they are legal). Fireworks, looks beautiful and as per the human psychology, it also gives you enthusiasm and spark. Fun starts with fireworks and setting them off a week before 4th July is also a tradition.   Parades Parades USAAmericans love parades- In 4th July from midnight to more decent hours, parade is the most important and respective way to celebrate forth of July. Whether the weather is good or bad- from small town to large cities across America line the street is filled with horses, military units, floats, cheerleaders and marching bands do pass by often by waving flags. It looks beautiful. The Bristol fourth of July Parade held in Bristol, is the oldest celebration of 4th of July in the United States.   Ice cream consumption Ice cream consumptionTo beat the heat, we recommend you to buy some ice cream and cool down on this Independence day. Normally the temperature in USA is hot at that time, so it’s always good to have some ice-cream and celebrate the perfect day.   Fly the Flag Fly the FlagWhat could be more interesting then flying the American Flag and giving it a Salute. US military will celebrate fourth of July with a gun salute known as “ Salute to the Union”. Troop fire one gun for each state in the United States but we will recommend you to fly the American flag and give respect to the troops fought for our freedom, so that we can live freely.   Barbecues Barbecues Whether rain or shine, Americans love burgers, hot dogs, brats and steak. You will notice that in every house on Independence day a grill would be burning to eat mouth watering barbecue dishes. A perfect way to build community and celebrate fourth of July is inviting family, friends or neighbors and setting up perfect barbecue in the backyard.   See a Firework Show See a Firework ShowNot interested in blowing up things? Don’t worry, the country offers plenty of fire work shows and even TV shows for you to enjoy fireworks without blowing up things. Lightening the fuse on your own will give you a different satisfaction as well as fun but these shows will also not disappoint you.So start planning now.   Eating Contests Eating ContestsFood! Food! Food! These contests are for those who love food. The best place to experience this contest is Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York City. We bet you just can’t do that. It’s fun but only for foodies.   Festivals Pink Salmon FestivalFestivals are always full of uniqueness. Normally festivals includes classic cars, great music and mouth-watering food. But there is one town in Alaska which has won the wacky award for the Pink Salmon Festival.   These are few ways you can also grab to celebrate fourth of July. We wish all the citizens of America a Happy 4th of July.

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