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October, the month of utter relaxation in regard to the weather stability in India impresses people of all class to get the back straightened! While the Northern part of India is relieved of the sweltering summers, the Eastern area bids adieu to the over pouring monsoon.

Also, the Indian calendar is suffused with events and festivals throughout the year, with October being the special month. As the rains and summers are slowly fading away, one can fume the preparations for much-awaited all across the country. Grab cheap flight tickets from Dallas to India and be part of the celebrations displaying Indian culture at its peak!

Amidst all shades and vibrant hues, we have penned down 4 festivals and events in October that will provide you with major travel goals.

1. Durga Pooja

Said to be one of the most vibrant and full of enthusiasm Indian festival, Durga Pooja celebrates and marks the advent of Goddess Durga. It is most popular and celebrated with zeal in Kolkata and other states as well. Preparations start well in advance for it! Exquisitely handcrafted and decorated idols of goddess Durga are prepared for this grand occasion.

Durga Pooja Celebration

Celebrated over the tenure of five days, Durga Pooja beholds innovative pandals, prayers and chanting, intriguing food-stalls and eye-catchy rituals! The last day processions is the one to look at. Amidst high enthusiasm the idols are taken for the immersion.

With a pandal installed in every lane and the city stuffed with excitement and colors all around, the city of Kolkata is simply a great place to be during Durga Pooja.

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2. Mysore Dusshera  

Mysore Dusshera

While the majority of India witnesses the burning of the Ravana effigies on the occasion of Dusshera, Mysore observes the festival of Dusshera with a slight difference. Celebrated as a royal festival, the celebration of Dusshera stretches up to 10 days.  The 10-day festivity include elephant processions, cultural programs, sports, parades, film and food festivals, in the scrim of notably illuminated Mysore Palace! This majestic procession definitely makes for grand extravaganza and appeals locals and tourists alike.

3. Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Held in and the vicinity of Mehrangarh Fort, this festival celebrates with full zeal the Indian folk music in its traditional and contemporary interpretations. It brings together distinctive Rajasthani folk dancers, singers, storytellers, musicians and well-known artists from all across the globe. From Kamaycha and Sarangi players to the lyra experts, from Terah Taali dances and Maand singers to renowned Jazz bands, this five-day event caters a perfect blend of numerous genres showcased via the spectacular and superb performances, various film screenings, collective sessions, and the happening moonlit jam sessions!

Besides recitals at dawning and fort festivals, the nighttime revelries are certainly not to be missed and to the coincidence, they compile with Sharad purnima, brightest illuminated full-moon night in North India.

Backpack, get tickets to India at cheaper rates from Dallas and relive into a magical experience creating an enchanting eve under the skies!

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4. India Art Festival

India Art Festival

For all the art admirers out here, this contemporary and modern art festive cum fair is certainly not to be missed. It brings together all the artists, galleries, art-collectors and experts who showcase thousands of art pieces all under one roof. This is a great interactive platform for the artists to hook up with the art galleries and appreciate the art.

It gets better with the innumerable drawings, photographs, installations, sculptures and videos by the emerging and established artists on showcase. The 4-day event features multifarious seminars, workshops and discussions about the ideas of the contemporary art!

Renowned for the rambunctious, sensory busting and non-stop festivals, catch Dallas to India cheap flights and pop up with the astonishing frequency of festivals and events certainly worth visiting to India!


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