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Detroit is the largest and most populous city in the state of Michigan of USA. Detroit also called motor city is undergoing revival and after suffering culturally and financial losses over the years, Detroit is slowing coming out of its loss and is now sparking a positive change and is becoming one of the cities of the country that you would want to put on your list of Places to visit in USA. Here are 10 things that will change your mindset about Detroit and you would not want to waste any time to book cheap flights to Detroit. Campus Martius Park Campus-Martius-1 New Detroit is creative as well as vibrant with beautiful surprises like relaxing beach smack in the middle of the city of Detroit. Campus Martius park is a small yet innovative park in the middle of downtown Detroit, inaugurated in 2004 and since then, it has become a famous hangout of the locals with various performances, bar, ice skating rink in winters and yard games in summer carried out all year long. Renaissance Center inside-the-renaissance-center-in-detroit-john-mcgraw Referred as RenCen by the locals, the famous point of the Detroit skyline is the Renaissance Center. This center serves as General motors headquarters for its 4 brands i.e. Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC. Learn about the history of Detroit by taking a tour of 7 interconnected skyscrapers. Hidden underground tunnels Living-Underground-Photo-by-Patrick-Cashin Go on a bus tour with Detroit bus service and get to known fascinating truths and tales of various hidden tunnels that may have been connected to the fort street Presbyterian church and goes across the streets as underground rail roads. Hidden Museum IMG_8217 Learn about the MBAD African Bead Museum that is packed with pottery, art, sculptures and bead work that goes back to hundreds of years. African-American culture has been preserved in this museum. Mexican Town 004 Situated just outside the downtown area, is the neighbourhood known as Mexican town. Best place to find greatest meals of all times. El Asandor is a perfect place to get best mexican food and hang out at Cafe Con Leche. Eastern market OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The foodie city of Detroit boasts the largest open market in USA. Spread across six block, this widest open market is visited by around 50,000 people every Saturday. Do not miss artisan Sunday street market or the intimate Tuesday market when in Detroit. Food: Country’s top restaurants can be found in Detroit. With affordable prices and delicious food, Detroit has become heaven of great food. There may be long waiting in lines to eat but once you get your food, its worth the wait. Art and history 15heidel3   The Heidelberg Project, an outdoor art project began in 1986 by a famous artist named Tyree Guyton.  He found some vacant lots, abandoned cars, homes that are no longer inhabited and turned all these things into wonderful and attractive art projects. Just to watch Guyton’s creations, around 275000 people visits Detroit’s east side every year. Belle Isle Belle_Isle_casino_and_fountain_-_Detroit_Michigan Belle Isle is a famous park on the Detroit river. With a total area of 983 acres, it boasts spectacular view of the downtown skyline. Park is locals’ favourite picnic spot and it has a big aquarium, conservatory and a giant slide. Belle Isle is connected to the to the Detroit city by a bridge. Theatres of Detroit Detroit-Fabulous-Fox You do not have to go to New York to enjoy theatre because Detroit holds second spot after New York city in the whole of USA. Detroit offers so much in theatre, from first run Broadway musicals to classic Shakespeare. Wide range of theatres from 192 seats Century theatre to 5000 seat Fox theatre, are included in the Detroit city. Detroit is a great place where you can eat, shop, watch a film and spend nights at the Detroit Marriott, which is located in the third tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere. Get the flight tickets to Detroit to experience all these things and stroll along the 3.5 mile long River Walk and get pleasant views of Detroit and the neighbour, Canada.

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