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India is a land of festivals. In India, people have got ample of reason to celebrate, the celebrations, we call festivals. We celebrate with colors, with lights, with food and all we can celebrate with. And the next big celebration lined up is the first grand festival of spring, Holi. A great day to celebrate … Continue reading Best Colourful Places to Celebrate Holi in India 2018


Welcome to Toronto, the world’s second-largest country. It is one of the diverse countries in the globe which offers breathtaking views, beautiful landscapes and numerous sites to explore. It is a residence of the various vibrant rich cities with several wonders of nature. Ranging from Vancouver to Montreal, to Niagara Falls, Quebec city it provides … Continue reading Top Must See Places of Canada


Guess what’s an amazing adventure sport that is not much explored in India? Let’s catch up with a hint, it is one of the best sports that one definitely should be indulged in. Scuba Diving! Claps for the ones who guessed it right. It is a sport that gives you a perspective of a totally … Continue reading Wanna Scuba Dive, Know where in India


Food is too essential part of the vacation whether it would be a single day, weekend or long holidays. The Golden Temple also notable as Harmandir Sahib is one of the most revered religious sites in the country. It is a Sikhism’s holiest shrine which is visited by millions of believers and tourists across the … Continue reading Golden Temple: The Symbol of Faith and Humanity


India is a land of secrets and mysteries and it’s a big enigma where the impression comes from. Finally it is find out, India has many secrets place are buried below the ground deeply. After learning about them, people will get shocked with the wide-eyed after knowing about the places and story behind them. From … Continue reading India is More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle


New year is here and if you haven’t been to any place out of you comfort zone, guess now is the time that you should take a trip. It’s the first month of the year and indeed is a special one bringing fresh thoughts, resolutions, positive vibes and much more. It is also a month … Continue reading New Year is Here, Why Not Take a Trip?


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